Rutger Zoomer was born on the 1st of march 1994, in the dutch city Hengelo.

He played the drums when he was younger and started to DJ at age of 17. Dareve likes all kinds of dance-able music, but he is really passionate about Deep-, Tech-, Future and Electro House. His love for the groove can be heard in his tracks and sets.

Dareve is always looking for new ways to surprise the crowd. He regularly makes original mashups, bootlegs and edits to make a remarkable performance behind the decks.

The Dare-concept is an initiative started by Dareve in 2014. It started out with Dare Radio, it was quickly followed by the Dare Producers/DJ Forum on facebook. Dareve is always working on new projects for the Dare-concept.
Dare is the word behind every succes, the ones who don’t dare anything will never succeed.

Dare Radio
2014 Dareve started his monthly podcast called Dare Radio. This radio show gives the listeners 1 hour of perfect deep-, tech-, future and electro house. Whether you’re struggling to get through the week or you are ready for a party, Dare Radio gives you the energy you need.

Dare Forum
2014 Dareve started the facebook group ‘Dare DJ and Producer Forum’. A Facebook group about music isn’t an unique thing, but Dare is not just a Facebook group about music. This initiative is meant for serious DJ’s and producers from across the world who would like to step up their game and like to help out others. Together we can step up the game!

Pepsi DJ-Clash
2014 was the first year Dareve joined the Pepsi DJ-Clash contest, where he has reached the final. The Pepsi DJ-Clash is a well known dutch DJ-Contest organized by Dancetour.

Dareve will continue to expand his fan-base by creating cool tracks and performing great original sets. In the near future Dareve expects to DJ on a more regular basis.